Graduate Financial Support


The Department of Theater and Dance rarely accepts applicants to our programs that we do not intend to financially support. As such, the number of students accepted each year varies due not only to the quality of applicants, but available funding.



PHD Students typically receive 6 years of guaranteed funding, with the possibility of extension, through a combination of teaching appointments and fellowships.

MA/PhD students typically receive 5-6 years of guaranteed funding, with the possibility of extension,  through a combination of teaching appointments and central (university wide) fellowships, and departmental fellowships.

MA students are not guaranteed funding but typically receive 2 year funding packages. MA students are not eligible for central fellowships but typically are supported with teaching assistantships and departmental fellowships.

For more information on graduate funding visit:



Central (university wide) and departmental fellowships typically pay a quarterly stipend with the possibility of additional Summer support. Additionally, the department often offers small research  fellowships for Fall, Winter, Spring Quarters for which all UCSB Theater and Dance Graduate Students may apply.

UCSB offers a variety of central fellowships for which the department can nominate qualified students. Additionally, UCSB offers many fellowships for which graduate students can apply. For more information on these fellowships please visit the Graduate Division’s Central Campus Fellowships  and Other Campus Fellowships pages. 



Teaching assistantships of 50% of full time pay quarterly salaries, plus in-state fees and health insurance. The remaining portion of the in-state fees will normally be awarded to students in good standing in the form of a departmental fellowship. All Teaching Assistants at UCSB are union represented by the Graduate Student led local UAW 2865 chapter.

There are three quarters during the year when teaching assistants are employed. The summer quarter sometimes offers teaching opportunities for graduate students, but these are not considered part of the funding package. All doctoral students must fulfill a teaching requirement of six quarters.

Additionally, many of our students have secured quarterly and annual teaching positions in other departments including Art Studies, Feminist Studies, Black Studies, East Asian Studies, Asian Studies, English, Public Speaking, and the Writing Center.



Readerships (grading papers for upper and lower-division courses), Research Assistantships, and Editorial Assistantships are occasionally available but are not promised in advance as part of a funding package



All out-of-state students who are United States Citizens are expected to establish California residency during their first year in order to continue receiving funding. Residency is easily established through registering to vote, getting a drivers' license, etc..

International students with non-immigrant student visas cannot obtain residency in this way and so are subject to the out-of-state tuition during all the years in which they are enrolled. Contact the office of international students and scholars for information regarding international student expenses and visas at OISS