Events and Colloquia

Graduate Students in the Theater and Dance department have the opportunity to attend a wide variety of talks on campus given by leading scholars and artists in theater and performance studies. In addition, they have several chances to present papers at colloquia organized by our grad faculty and affiliates.

Events in 2018:

Cause & Affect: Inciting Change Through Performance

UCSB Department of Theater and Dance’s 2nd Annual Graduate Symposium

Saturday, May 5th, 2018

9 am - 4 pm

Old Ballet Studio, HSSB 1151

University of California, Santa Barbara

In this age of hyperconnectivity, complex material, political, social, and economic apparatuses mutually influence and shape negotiations between daily life, institutions, and networks themselves. This graduate symposium will explore the relationality between affect and effect, considering broadly how performance affects change through encounter. 

Conference schedule

9:00 AM       Welcome

9:15 AM       Keynote: Shannon Jackson - Performance and Public (Re) Assembly

10:30 AM     First Panel - Body and Aesthetics

                    Marisa Plasencia (Theater & Dance, UCSB) & Maribel Plasencia (Clinical Psychology, Rutgers)

                    Cole Remmen (Theater & Dance, UCSB)

                    C.S. (Theater Studies, CSUN)

                    Jeremy Hanes (Religious Studies, UCSB)

12:00 PM    Lunch Break

1:00 PM      Second Panel - Mobilization

                   Tara Brandel (Dramatic Arts, UC Davis)

                   Talin Abadiandogidargh (CSUN)

                   Elvis Josue Bendana Rivas (Performance Studies, Texas A&M)

2:30 PM      Third Panel - Identity Optics

                   Juan Carlos Osorio (Universidad del Valle, Colombia)

                   Nazli Azergun (Global Studies, UCSB)

                   Justin Streichman (UC Davis)

3:45 PM      Closing remarks 

4:30 PM      Particle Collider


Events in 2017:

Global Flows, Resistance and Performance -
UCSB Department of Theater and Dance’s 1st Annual Graduate Symposium

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

University of California, Santa Barbara

We are currently experiencing worldwide social and political movements of extreme conservativism and isolation on the one hand and liberalism and multiculturalism on the other. This graduate symposium will explore the influences and reactions of these extremes and how art and performance can be employed to respond to this dichotomy.

Conference schedule

9:00 AM       Welcome

9:15 AM       First Panel - Process and Conflict in Creation

                      Hala Baki (Theater and Dance, UCSB)

                      Alvaro Ivan Hernandez (Performance Studies, UC Davis)

                      Zach Mann (English, USC)

                      Jaime Leigh Gray (Theater and Dance, UCSB)

10:30 AM     Q&A

10:40 AM     Break

10:50 AM     Second Panel - Negotiating Space and Environment

                      Lacey Smith (Comparative Literature, UCSB)

                      Sevi Bayraktar (World Arts and Cultures/Dance, UCLA)

                      Alesha Claveria (Theater and Dance, UCSB)

11:50 AM     Q&A

12:00 PM     Lunch

1:30 PM      Third Panel - Performing Identity and Nation

                     Ming Holden (Theater and Dance, UCSB)

                     Margaret Lebron (Performance Studies, Northwestern)

                     Kolby Knight (Religious Studies, UCSB)

2:30 PM      Q&A

2:45 PM      Keynote: Dr. Edward Ziter (Associate Chairperson, NYU Tisch School of the Arts)

3:45 PM      Closing remarks

4:00 PM      End symposium


This conference made possible with the support of the UCSB College of Letters & Science.


Radical Bodies: Anna Halprin, Simone Forti & Yvonne Rainer in California & New York, 1955 - 1972

Friday, January 27 & Saturday, January 28, 2017

Please Join us for a weekend of Art Exhibition, Film showings, Performances and Talks with Yvonne Rainer, Simone Forti, Anna Halprin

Featured Scholars:

Wendy Perron (Judson scholar, past member, Trisha Brown Dance Co.)

Bruce Robertson (Director, UCSB Museum of Art, Architecture & Design)

Janice Ross (Professor, Stanford University)


Past events: