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Scipts and links for upcoming auditions 

The scripts for World of Extreme Happiness and Staging the Daffy Dame can be found on GauchoSpace. Please note that the scripts cannot be downloaded nor printed.  Please do not share this script with anyone.  Thank you.

Winter One-Acts

February 23-25, 2018 
Theater Dance West 1507
Tuesday, January 16th
TD-W 1703
Wednesday, January 17th
6pm – 11pm
TD-W 1703


Any full-time UCSB student is welcome and encouraged to audition. The audition sign-up list is posted inside the Production Office. Please sign up for a 3-minute audition slot and arrive ten minutes prior to your appointment to fill out audition forms. Please be prepared to stay longer than your allotted 3-minute slot if necessary.

Please have one, 1-minute contemporary monologue prepared for the audition.

Callback information and Cast Lists will be posted in the Production Office.

Sides for callbacks, if available, will be available in the Production Office by 10am the morning after general auditions.



The directors will schedule rehearsals after casting is complete.  Rehearsals are typically held weekday evenings between the hours of 6 and 10pm.  Some weekends may be required as well.



Scripts are available to view on GauchoSpace




Lost in Thought

By Christopher Lockheardt

Directed by Katherine Arevalo

Man: Any Age

Woman: Similar Age

Tom: Male, Similar Age

Description:  Set in the imagination of a man as he recalls a past relationship and his struggle to move on from it. 

About the playwright: Christopher Lockheardt of Andover, MA, has had 35 of his short plays produced over 200 times by over 80 different theaters in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Hong Kong, and Australia. His work has been included in ten short play anthologies, including four of Smith & Kraus’s Best Ten-Minute Plays of the Year collections.


Playwriting 101: The Rooftop Lesson

By Richard Orloff

Directed by Corey Carpenter

3 Performers

Script Plot: An instructor lectures on the craft of playwriting, using two live examples: a would-be jumper on the edge of a ledge, and a would-be Good Samaritan trying to save him. But after being paused and replayed one too many times, these two characters rise up and revolt against both the instructor and the rules of playwriting itself....

About the playwright: He has taught playwriting at his alma mater Oberlin College, at Miami's City Theater, and for the Connecticut Young Playwrights program. He has also given lectures and workshops at Central Washington University, Western Michigan University and State Fair College in Missouri. 

Additional information: All roles can be cast as either male or female! Actors must be able to move quickly and engage in some light stage combat. 


Communicating Through the Sunset
By Kerri Kochanski
Directed by Rachel Gregory
1 woman, 1 man
Plot: When Frankie, a high school student, finds his crush, Rachel, hiding out on a dirt hill in the Midwest, she rejects his attempts at connection. He must help her confront her violent past, and move toward a place of healing & happiness. A serious drama. Themes of: re-invention and twisted beauty.
About the Playwright: Kerri Kochanski is an author and playwright. Her plays have been produced throughout the United States and Canada. Excerpts from her dramatic work have been performed at various thespian festivals across the United States, and are published in anthologies by Smith & Kraus, Meriwether Publishing, Dramatic Publishing, Cengage Learning, ICWP, and Applause Theatre & Cinema. She is the author of a pop culture/humor book & blog. She lives in Greater Philadelphia.

Additional Information: This play includes sensitive material. TW: Rape, abuse, murder.


Bethlehem, PA

By Suzanne Bradbeer

Directed by Taylor Santos

Joe: An antisocial realist mourning the death of a dear one
Bunny: A bubbly charismatic "dancer" new to the area
Plot Summary: Bunny is new to the area and trying to get to know her neighbors. Joe is to himself and would rather be left alone. Through their strange late night encounter, they find they may not be as alone as they previously thought.
About the Playwright:
Ms. Bradbeer has received grants from the New York Foundation for the Arts, the Berrilla Kerr Foundation, and the Anna Sosenko Trust, as well as the 2012 BMI Foundation Harrington Award for Creative Excellence. Ms. Bradbeer was also a winner of the Ashland New Plays Festival, and is a two-time finalist for the Heideman Award. Residencies include The New Harmony Project, the Dorset Theatre Festival, and New River Dramatists. Nominated by Theresa Rebeck, Ms. Bradbeer was a fellow of The Lark's Playwrights' Workshop. Monologues from many of Ms. Bradbeer's plays have been published by Smith & Kraus, who have also published her plays Bethlehem, PA; Sometimes Romeo is Sad; Full Bloom; and Okoboji. Ms. Bradbeer has written a series of children's books, used to facilitate a Headstart teaching program through Penn State. She is a member of the Ensemble Studio Theatre Playwrights Unit, the BMI Workshop, The Actors Studio P/D Workshop, and the Dramatists Guild.




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Run/Wardrobe Crew (THTR 29D/49/149)

Winter calendars are now available to view!


  • Light Board Operator
  • Sound Board Operator
  • Fly Crew
  • Deck/Props Crew
  • Followspot Operator
  • Wardrobe/Makeup Crew


  1. Review the show calendars and course requirements to find a production that fits your schedule.
  2. Take the application quiz for that production (via Gauchospace).
  3. We will schedule an appointment via email to give you your add code.


  • All crew positions are first-come, first-served. We will respond to applications in the order they are completed.
  • All events listed on the calendars are required. It is not possible to partially participate in a production.
  • There are no opportunities to make up for an unexcused absence or lateness.



Full Course Requirements (.pdf)




Want to be more involved with the Department? Want to see shows for free? Volunteer to be an usher for one of our shows!

WHAT: As an usher for the department's productions, you will be asked to hand out programs before the show, direct audience members to facilities during intermission, and organize the venue after the performance.

WHEN: Ushers should arrive 45 minutes PRIOR to curtain at the VENUE of the performance and check in with the house manager for instructions and a brief training session.

WEAR: Please arrive dressed tastefully in ALL BLACK.

WHY: For ushering, students may see the performance at no charge. It is possible (though not likely) that ushers will be asked to attend another performance if seating is very limited.

HOW: Use the buttons below to to sign up! You will be asked to enter your email address so that we can send you a reminder. Be advised that sign ups are on a first come, first served basis.


Theater/Dance Mailing List

Email Sean at with your UMail address and the subject "Please add me to the Mailing List." The Mailing List will have the latest information regarding department events such as auditions, run/wardrobe crew, and special events.


Prop/Furniture Rentals

Props/Furniture Rental Guidelines

Props and furniture are available for rental to the following:

  • Students currently enrolled in a class within the department
  • Recognized UCSB student organizations with a faculty advisor
  • Declared Majors/Minors within the department
  • Others as determined by the Technical Director

Rentals are available by appointment only. A $50 deposit check is required for all rentals.

Prop Shop Rental Hours:

  • Tuesdays 10:00-11:30am
  • Fridays 10:00-11:30am

Props/Furniture Rental Guidelines