Theater & Dance Education


The University of California at Santa Barbara offers to a select group of students an ideal environment for graduate work in most aspects of the theater. On a campus that is noted for its outstanding faculty in the humanities and arts, the Department of Theater relates the academic study of theater to a rich field of interdisciplinary studies as well as to a large and vigorous undergraduate program in fine arts. Its M.A. and Ph.D. programs provide a thorough training for a career in academic theater and have shown an excellent record of degree completion, employment, and publication.

Theater M.A. / Ph.D.

The goal of the MA/Ph.D. and Ph.D. programs in Theater Studies is to train scholars of the theatre, who may also be able to make strong contributions as theatre artists. The core of doctoral students' work during the first two or three years of their residency is a series of courses in the literature, history, theory and criticism of theatre and performance.


The Department of Theater and Dance offers a wide range of classes appropriate for non-majors pursuing a liberal arts education and for majors preparing for a professional or educational career.  The Department currently awards the Bachelor of Fine Arts and the Bachelor of Arts degrees on the undergraduate level.

Theater B.A. / B.F.A. / Minor

Students in the Bachelor of Arts program may focus on any one area or a combination of concentrations, including Design, Directing, Playwriting, Theater and Community, and Theater and Performance Studies.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is designed to prepare professionally oriented students for a career in theater. Students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program pursue an emphasis in acting.

The Department of Theater and Dance offers two minors - the Theater Minor, and the Theater Minor with a focus on Production & Design.

Dance B.A. / B.F.A

The BA allows students to undertake coursework in related fields in order to prepare themselves for alternative dance careers such as dance therapy, dance administration, dance history and dance education.

The B.F.A. degree in dance is specifically oriented toward training the dance student for a professional career in performance and/or choreography.