Theater BFA and Dance BA/BFA Audition Information

Students must audition to be accepted into the Theater BFA, Dance BA, or Dance BFA programs. Auditions are not required for the Theater BA program.

Theater BFA auditions are usually scheduled in May and September.

Prospective and incoming freshman are not eligible to audition for the Theater BFA program. All non-transfer Theater majors will participate in the Theater BA program for the first year. Non-transfer students may audition for the Theater BFA program at the end of freshman year. Non-transfer students begin the Theater BFA program sophomore year and study for 3 years. For example, a freshman that starts Fall 2021, will audition Spring 2022, and begin the program Fall 2022.

Prospective and incoming transfer students are eligible to audition for the Theater BFA program prior to the first year of study. Transfer students may attend the May and/or September audition preceding their expected start quarter. For example, a transfer student expecting to start Fall 2021 would attend the May or September 2021 audition. The Theater BFA program requires 3 years of study; transfer students should plan accordingly. The September audition is scheduled a few days before classes begin. Students who audition in September should be prepared to adjust their Fall schedule. Acceptance to the major is dependent upon acceptance to the university.



Prospective and continuing students interested in the Dance program must audition in November 2022, January 2023, February 2023, or September 2023 for admission to the program in Fall 2023. To be considered for admission into the dance program, students must have DANCE as a major listed in their UC application (either s the first choice major or alternate major), and intend to fully participate for at least one year on campus. If you have already applied and need to change your major to dance in your UC application, please email the Office of Admissions at ADMISSIONS@SA.UCSB.EDU.  Please include your full name and either your UC application ID number or UCSB perm number.

Students are strongly advised to attend the November, January or February audition, to determine qualification for the major and reserve a place in the program – only a limited number of students can be accommodated each year as first year students in the Dance Program. The September audition is held for students unable to attend earlier auditions; September auditions are only open to continuing students or students that have been accepted to the University and are already planning to attend in the fall in which the audition is scheduled. The September audition is held a few days before classes begin. Students who audition in September should be prepared to adjust their fall schedule. The audition includes technique classes in modern and ballet and guided improvisation.

Welcome Prospective Dance Majors!

We strongly encourage in-person auditions but we realize some of you have exceptional circumstances and will need to audition by video. With careful preparation your video can offer deep insight into your work and be just as powerful as an in-person audition. Below, you will find detailed information on how to prepare, package and send your video materials to the Theater/Dance Department. The window for submission of these materials is:  November 292022 through January 5, 2023


Here are the steps you will follow:

1.     Apply to the University (at UCSB): Receiving Applications Nov. 1st-30th

2.     Register HERE for your UCSB Dance Major Application

3.     Please learn Ballet and Modern combinations from the following VIDEO AUDITION TUTORIALS 3 videos), and then record yourself performing this material for submission.

4.     Prepare all required videos and edit into ONE file.

5.     Send your video link to this secure email address


**More technical details are listed below**

If you have questions concerning the above details please contact Sean O’Shea, Undergraduate Advisor for assistance.

Format for Video Audition

**Video Should be 8 minutes in length (8 to 12 mins. for Transfer Applicants)


Please introduce yourself (name and pronouns), and briefly discuss what inspires you about dance and what interests you about UCSB.

Recorded Technical Material / Combinations:

1.     Ballet Adagio - 90 seconds

2.     Ballet Allegro - 90 seconds

3.     Modern Center Exercise - 120 seconds

4.     Student Choice – Open Improvisation, or a selection of choreography 120 seconds                      

**Note: Improvisation or choreography must be your original work.

 Recorded in a studio or alternate space; please do not submit a group dance that was previously recorded.


Information on formatting, submission and the preparation of files for our review:

- Record all video in a horizontal/landscape orientation. 

(This is particularly important if you are shooting with a phone camera)

-      Make sure the light source is coming from the front and/or side, and that you are not backlit. 

·      Avoid filming with a mirror as a background.  A clear, un-cluttered wall or background is helpful.

Please upload and provide a link to ONE video file (edited together) to Vimeo or YouTube (both can be unlisted or password protected for your privacy). 

**Please do not submit videos uploaded to Google Drive. 

If you have difficulty with editing or do not have the equipment or software to do so, please contact the dance faculty at for alternative arrangements.



For Prospective Transfer Students there is a Two Step process:

Use the process detailed above to create and submit your audition video file.

**Your Choreography and/or Improvisation submission can be 2 - 5 mins. in length. 

(The 120 second limit applies to the incoming first year applicants only.)


Audition Schedule

Dance Audition Dates for admittance to the major during the 2023-2024 Academic Year:


Dance auditions will be held in-person at the UCSB Dance Department on Saturday, January 28th and Sunday, February 5th.  Check-in is from 12-1pm, and the audition starts at 1pm.

Registration for the January 28th audition can be found here.

Registration for the February 5th audition can be found here.

Registration for Video auditions can be found here.


THEATER BFA Audition Dates for the 2022-2023 Academic Year:


Look at this space for information on the BFA in Acting auditions coming up in the Spring of 2023.

This audition will be held in-person at the Theater and Dance Department, room TD-W 1507.  The audition will consist of the presentation of two prepared, fully memorized contrasting monologues chosen from a contemporary play within the actor's own age range. The time limit for both monologues is three minutes, i.e., about 90 seconds each.

Please be prepared to stay until 5pm, though auditions may finish earlier.  Students must pre-register to guarantee an auditon slot.  To register for an audition, please click HERE

Please note: All acting students are required to submit the following:

- A written 200 word statement as to why you want to be part of the UCSB Theater and Dance Department BFA in Acting program.

- An acting resume, or list of your theater related activities.

- A headshot, or any picture that shows your face.  May be from a cellphone.

- At least one letter of recommendation from someone familiar with your acting.

Please submit to no later than Friday, September 9th.

For further details please, email Sean O'Shea, Academic Advisor, at  


The Theater Audition

Auditions for acceptance into B.F.A. Theater Program for Fall Quarter will take place during late Spring Quarter and again just before the beginning of classes in Fall Quarter.

For all students, please prepare two contrasting contemporary monologues totaling no more than three minutes. Please bring a resume of past theatrical experience including acting, voice, movement classes, and performance experience (indicate when and where).  Transfer students, in addition to this, please bring two letters of recommendation.,

All students must register for the audition and review the Theater BFA Handbook. The program is highly structured and has been carefully organized to offer the serious acting student the opportunity to recieve quality training. 

Transfer students should be aware that auditions for the Theater program and applying to the University are seperate processes. Students should contact the Office of Admissions for more information about University application materials and deadlines. Acceptance by audition to the Theater program does not guarentee acceptance to the University. Students must meet the Office of Admissions requirements for University acceptance consideration.



Prospective and continuing students interested in the Dance program must register here

If you have questions concerning the above details please contact Sean O’Shea, Academic Advisor for assistance.