Marisa Plasencia

Graduate Student

Office Location

Theater Dance West, Room 2515


Marisa is a second year in the MA/PhD Theater Studies Program and focuses on Dance
Studies in her research. After receiving a B.A. in Political Science/International Studies
with a minor in Drama at Trinity University, Marisa spent a year in Seville, Spain on a
Fulbright Scholarship, where she researched the impact of information communication
technologies on social movements. During this fellowship, she also began to consider the
ways in which movement in public spaces (protest, dance, etc.) might communicate
information to the public.

Marisa continues to pursue research focused on the intersection of dance and protest,
always considering the accessibility of information in this work. In addition to these
interests, Marisa maintains dance practice through training and choreography, utilizing
theatre as a foundation through which dance and movement emerge. Alongside other
dance/theater projects, she produced Momentum: A Concert of Dance at Trinity
University for two years and served as co-choreographer for The Bacchae at the same
university with her twin sister and artistic collaborator, Maribel Plasencia.

Marisa and Maribel are currently working on a series of dance pieces that focus on
various sociopolitical topics and consider the existence of duality in identity. For more
information about their current work, please visit: marisa-maribel-