Radical Bodies in New York

After hugely successful exhibition, conference, and performances at the UC Santa Barbara  AD&A Museum and Department of Theater and Dance, Radical Bodies continues to live on in New York.

The Radical Bodies exhibition — confined to the years 1955 to 1972 — connects Ms. Halprin with the East Coast more directly (and less awkwardly), via Ms. Forti and Ms. Rainer. (Ms. Forti, who studied with Ms. Halprin for five years before moving to New York, is the main bridge.) Through photos, objects and rare footage, the experiments on Ms. Halprin’s deck are revealed to be crucial to the Judson revolution and so much that has happened since in New York postmodern dance. (A May 31 program combines a performance by Ms. Forti with Ms. Rainer’s “Chair/Pillow” and the end of “Parades and Changes.” It’s at Hunter College, where Ms. Halprin’s work had its New York debut 50 years ago.)

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