SBDT at Lobero Theatre

Santa Barbara Dance Theater, the professional company in residence at UCSB, presents its annual Lobero Season at 8 pm on May 8th and 9th with performances that celebrate spring’s resurgence and the passionate creative energy that artists bring to life. The program includes a premiere by UCSB faculty member Brandon Whited, two works by guest choreographers Andrea Giselle Schermoly and Ephrat “Bounce” Asherie, two by artistic director Christopher Pilafian and special guest appearances by cellist/composer Gianna Abondolo; and the UCSB Dance Company.
Santa Barbara Dance Theater commissions, develops and presents the highest level of professional dance, created by accomplished choreographers and performed by strong, nuanced dancers. This season’s performances offer an array of works that focus on life transitions, wanderlust, profound emotion, female strength, and the sheer vibrancy of youth. In Moonscapes, choreographed by Andrea Giselle Schermoly, a series of moon-landing fantasies features the individual strengths of the company’s women, their unique qualities and their particular wrestlings with acceptance, love, pressure and their relationships to each other. Chanson, choreographed by Christopher Pilafian, boasts a cast of 14 and reflects Mr. Pilafian’s appreciation of the renowned Parisian singer-songwriter “Barbara” (Monique Renée Serf, 1930-1997). A multitude of international artists have interpreted her music. The resulting score provides a sonic journey through seven very different renditions of the song that inspires this popular work. Anemone, a solo work that premiered in 1998, grew from a collaboration between performer Nancy Colahan, choreographer Christopher Pilafian, and composer/cellist Gianna Abondolo. The piece is in the form of a portrait, in which psycho-emotional layers are exposed as a woman navigates a profound life transition. 95 North, premiering this season and choreographed by UCSB Assistant Professor Brandon Whited, reflects the myriad paths we might take in life, the wanderlust for opportunity and unrestricted growth, and the youthful audacity to dream of a life beyond one’s current circumstances. Finally, Swept In, which premiered in 2016, is by award-winning b-girl Ephrat “bounce” Asherie, and filled with youthful, club-inflected choreography. Ms. Asherie sweeps dancers and the audience through the rhythms and energy of a vibrant dance phenomenon that grew out of the club scenes in New York City and Chicago.
Christopher Pilafian comments, “This program speaks to the timeless role of art, its ability to reflect outer and inner landscapes and express what is beyond words. Drawing inspiration from their own observation and empathy, the four choreographers on this program bring our attention to their chosen subjects: youth, wanderlust, curiosity, passion, longing, and the crucible of a personal transition. Santa Barbara Dance Theater, Lobero Season, 2019 offers time and space to reflect on the varied challenges and beauties of being human.”
Tickets are available on the Lobero Theater website.
Student and general tickets range from $21-$44.