Dance Auditions 2018/2019

Prospective and continuing students interested in the Dance program must audition the January, February or September prior to their expected first year in the program. For example, a student that plans to attend in Fall 2019, would audition January, February or September 2019.

Students are strongly advised to attend the January or February audition to determine qualification for the major and reserve a place in the program - only a limited number of students can be accommodated each year. The September audition is held for students unable to attend earlier auditions; September auditions are only open to continuing students or students that have been accepted to the University. The September audition is scheduled a few days before classes begin. Students who audition in September should be prepared to adjust their Fall schedule.

The audition is similar to that of a technique class in modern and ballet.

Non-transfer students can audition for acceptance to the Dance BFAprogram in the sophomore year. Transfer students can audition for acceptance to the Dance BFA program in their first year.

These programs are highly structured and have been carefully organized to offer the serious acting and dance student the opportunity to receive quality training. Delays in audition can affect graduation plans.

Dance Audition Dates for admittance to the major during the 2018-2019 Academic Year:

September 25th (Incoming Freshmen).

January 27th, 

February 3rd,

February 16th (Transfers)

Students must pre-register to guarantee an audition slot. Students must be available for the full audition day (9am-2pm).Registration for the audition serves as the Dance Supplement part of the UCSB Admissions application.

Candidates must pre-register for the audition.  Register here for:


JANUARY 27TH, 2019,



Though an in-person audition is highly recommended, you may submit a video audition instead. Detailed information for submitting a video audition can be found HERE. Registration for the video audition can be found HERE.  A video audition does not harm your chances for consideration. We invite several candidates each year in response to video auditions.

For auditions, park in Lot 22 and use self-pay permit dispensers.