Christina McMahon introduces a new meditation app

Stress and upheaval are facts of life. But, according to UC Santa Barbara Associate Professor of Theater Christina McMahon, those circumstances don’t have to break you. A dedicated meditator and avid proponent of mindfulness, McMahon and former Gaucho Daniel Lee are promoting mental and emotional self-care with an app that can slow you down, restore your focus and hold stress at bay while giving you much-needed mental space. All in the space of three minutes.

Called “Aura,” the app takes users on short, guided meditations meant to quell anxieties and negativity and help them regain control of their inner space and emotions. Utilizing deep learning technology, the app asks users to register their general mood, and then responds with an appropriate “micro-meditation.” In 180 seconds, a user might go from feeling out of control to feeling ready to take steps to manage his or her situation, or from having harsh self-judgment to gaining much-needed perspective.

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