As we launch Helen: A Greek Project, the department will present a FREE devised performance titled Walking and Falling, this Friday 7/1 at 7:30PM in the UCSB Studio Theater. Come and spend an evening with the actors who will bring you on the journey exploring the ancient past.

Helen: A Greek Project is developed in collaboration with Greek guest artist Evdokimos Tsolakidis as part of the summer session. Bridging the gap between past and present, students will explore the ideas and politics expressed by Euripides, the ancient greeks, and how they relate to today.

Evdokimos Tsolakidis is an actor, director, coach, and founder/artistic director of the THEATER OF CHANGES. The special technique Tsolakidis is using while directing Helen allows audiences to witness a unique interpretation of well known characters and actors’ ability to be “private in public”.

Helen: A Greek Project is made possible by the generosity of the Argyropoulos endowment in Hellenic Studies.