The program brings Film, Television and Theater professionals to campus to interact with our BFA acting students. In order to be a part of this amazing program, you have to be enrolled in Theater and Dance department. All Theater and Dance students are invited to observe these workshops.  INDUSTRY CONNECT also supports the making of "demo reels" for each Theater BFA senior. These reels are critical calling cards in the acting profession.


Some recent guests include:


Fern Orenstein, casting director CBS

Sharon Howard Field, casting director

Pippa Markham, casting director

Susan Bluestein, casting director

Kathleen Letterie, casting director

David Zabel, producer/writer ABC

Ted Brunetti, producer

John Levey, casting director

Mark Simon, casting director

Arlie Day, casting director

David Shaul, talent agent

Tim Payne, casting director

Brian Wold, Breakdown Services/Actors Access

Nancy Hower, producer/writer

John Lehr, producer/writer/actor

Frank Wood, TONY-award winning actor

Enid Graham, TONY-nominated actor

Peter Jacobson, actor

Zach Appelman, actor

Erin Daniels, actor

Merlin Huff, actor

Hannah Sorenson, actor

Andrew Fromer, actor

Brett Rickaby, actor/teacher

Jeanne Simpson, actor

Jonathan Tucker, actor

Linus Roache, actor  

Alex Knox, actor