Somatics Workshops

Somatic Visionaries at UCSB present:

Authentic Movement with David Hurwith

Sundays - August 10th and September 14th

Theater and Dance Building, ground floor, Room 1502

University of California, Santa Barbara

$15 - $30 per session

For registration, information, and directions, please visit:


A witness and a mover agree to enter a mystery. The mover, with eyes closed, self-directed, explores impulses in the present moment. The witness with eyes open watches the movement and holds the intention to support the mover's experience. Personal imagery, sensation, emotion and the ineffable emerge to consciousness with movement as the source. Authentic Movement provides a powerful context to discover meaning or non-meaning from experience and to retrieve seminal material for the artist. After moving and witnessing, a process of speaking, moving, drawing or writing recalls the experiences. The ritual has the intention of maintaining the internal efficacy of what just happened.

David Hurwith has been researching artistic practice and making dances since 1981. His choreography has been presented at theaters in the United States and Europe. David has trained as a facilitator in Authentic Movement, and offered the practice in a variety of settings as training for psychotherapists and artists. The anatomical visions that Mr. Hurwith has immersed himself in offer a model and methods of embodiment that enrich the human situation with imagination and belief.