Ninotchka Bennahum contributes to "100 Years of Flamenco in New York"

The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts exhibits "100 Years of Flamenco in New York." Flamenco originated in Spain but the exhibit looks into a century worth of history. The exhibits includes many prints, photographs, posters, costumes, castanets, programs and books. It also includes a footage of dancer La Macarrona (Juana Vargas) in his own Spanish ballet,  "Le Tricorne” in 1918. The exhibit ranges from the 1830s to our own century, from Europe to America, and its images of dancers include not only pure flamenco stylists but also modern dancers who adopted Spanish idioms and exponents of other Spanish traditional dance genres.

New York was an important city for flamenco artists to visit, but in the mid-20th century, New York was an important place for flamenco’s own history to develop.

The library has a new 180-page book, also called “100 Years of Flamenco in New York City,” edited by Ninotchka Bennahum and K. Meira Goldberg.

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