Alesha Claveria

Alesha Claveria
Graduate Student

Office Location

Theater Dance East, Room 2609


Alesha Claveria is a second year Ph.D. student and a 2014 Eugene Cota-Robles fellow. She currently holds an M.S. in Public Relations from Montana State University-Billings, and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing-Fiction. She has spent over a decade as a murder mystery writer, recently moderating a mystery authors' panel at the Vegas Valley Book Festival and writing a Sherlock Holmes themed game for Barnes and Noble's "Get Pop-Cultured" promotion. She has also worked for the last nine years as operations manager for two Hollywood film festivals Mockfest (comedy) and Shockfest (horror).

Claveria's research interests include performed sexuality and taboo, Native American theater, and Scandinavian theater. Born and raised in the wilds of Montana, Claveria's interests are influenced by the people and cultures of the Great Plains and Pacific Northwest.