Preview Production Photos

Here you can find a selection of photos from our Preview Productions. To view a complete gallery of photos for each production please visit the LAUNCH PAD Facebook page.

Bernhard by Lynn Rosen (2016)

We Want the Funk by Idris Goodwin (2016)

The Talented Ones by Yussef El Guindi (2015)

Untitled IV by Ruth Markofsky by Alison Tatlock (2014)

Appoggiatura by James Still (2013)

Entangled by Lila Rose Kaplan (2012)

Biederman's Match by Beau Willimon (2011)

Kingdom City by Sheri Wilner (2010)

La Niñera: The Nursemaid by Barbara Lebow (2009)

Plumfield, Iraq by Barbara Lebow (2008)

The Dinosaur Within by John Walch (2006)

Melancholy Play by Sarah Ruhl (2005)

Photo by Stuart McDaniel